Organizational Resilience (OR) is the ability of an organization to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions in order to survive and prosper.

    Understanding organizational resilience has assumed greater urgency in the face of challenges such as natural disasters, terrorism, economic recession, mass migration, cyber threats, long-term healthcare issues such as obesity, and a host of other socio-political and economic trends. New technologies, such as integrated systems with artificial intelligence, the ‘Internet of Things’, and the ‘circular economy’ also present both new opportunities and potential threats.

    David helps organizations to sense, organise for and to respond to disruptions as well as positively adapt in the face of challenging conditions, leverage opportunities and deliver sustainable performance improvement. Simply put, David helps senior executives to both ‘insure’ against disruptive events, while at the same time adapt and change before the cost of not doing so becomes too great.

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