Change, transformation occur in many ways. David partners clients to design innovative change interventions that address the toughest issues affecting businesses today. Many organizations across the world are facing the task of delivering against current and future strategic priorities, dealing with day-to-day operational challenges, whilst coping with a level of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) in the business environment that is unprecedented. Political, economic and technological change is disrupting many long-established business models and the speed of organizational change is increasing. The new normal is more or less constant change.

    David works with clients to design and implement changes not only to processes, systems, structure but also to behaviour and culture aimed at bringing about desired change in their organizations. By focusing on practical actions, drawing on a strong evidence base and the achievement of tangible outcomes, David helps organization to establish strategic direction and deliver sustained performance improvement.

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    Helping Leaders Do Leadership in an Uncertain World

    Helping Leaders Do Leadership in an Uncertain World

    In an increasingly uncertain world understanding and addressing intractable, messy problems need to become an essential part of leadership development programs. This paper specifies the leadership actions that need to be undertaken to enable collective action and...

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